Executive Leadership Team

The VIP Network mission is to create connected and thriving communities, free from violence and injury. VIP Network partners include community and state leaders across multiple disciplines who are experts on the topics of child abuse, substance abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, teen dating violence, suicide, motor vehicle safety, traumatic brain injury, older adult falls, and prescription drug abuse. The variety of disciplines and expertise represented across the VIP Network coalitions and committees ensures that Colorado has strong capacity to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based strategies to reduce morbidity and mortality due to violence and injuries. VIP Network partners have collaborated on a number of successful initiatives over the years.

The Executive Leadership Team for the VIP Network includes the following members:
  • Lindsey Myers, CDPHE Violence and Injury Prevention Section Manager 
  • Jarrod Hindman, CDPHE Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Section Manager 
  • Ali Maffey, CDPHE Policy and Substance Abuse Prevention Unit Supervisor 
  • Colleen Kapsimalis, CDPHE Program Integration and Evaluation Unit Supervisor 
  • Tomei Kuehl, CDPHE Interpersonal Violence Prevention Unit Supervisor/RPE Director 
  • Barbara Gabella, CDPHE Senior Scientist in Injury Epidemiology 
  • Giorgianna Venettis, CDPHE Essentials for Childhood Coordinator 
  • Kirk Bol, CDPHE Vital Statistics Section Chief/Colorado Violent Death Reporting System 
  • Aerin LaCerte, VIP-MHP Communication Specialist 
  • Carol Runyan, Colorado School of Public Health 
  • Amy Miller, Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
  • Brie Akins, Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault 
  • Carol Gould, Colorado Department of Transportation 
  • Judy Dettmer, Colorado Department of Human Services, TBI Program 
  • Dwayne Smith, Children’s Hospital Colorado 
  • Kendra Dunn, Colorado Department of Human Services, Child Maltreatment 
  • Beverly Kingston, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence