Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Job Opportunity: Data Manager and Analyst

Data Manager & Analyst

Job Summary:
The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence’s (CSPV) is looking for a Data Manager and Analyst that will support the CSPV evaluation team with the operational duties of data collection, cleaning, organization, analysis, and reporting stages of evaluation. The successful candidate will have experience working with data management and systems support, data storage, process documentation, quality assurance, and basic statistical analysis. They will be expected to follow evaluation team processes for managing and prioritizing tasks and workflow, and to contribute to ongoing quality improvement efforts. They will work across multiple projects, so should have excellent time management skills, and are detail-oriented, adaptable, solution-focused, and a good communicator. This position reports to the Lead Developer and works closely with the Lead Evaluators of process and outcomes evaluation at CSPV. CSPV is located within the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Who We Are:
At the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence’s (CSPV), we work in partnership with those who seek to use what we know works from prevention science to create a world where individuals, families, schools, and communities flourish.

We can live vibrant lives free from the harms of violence if we put what we know works from prevention science into practice in our homes, schools, and communities. However, connecting scientific knowledge to real world settings continues to be an enormous challenge.

CSPV bridges the gap between research and practice.

What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be:
Data Management, Process Documentation, and Systems Support 
  • Organize data and administer management tools to facilitate implementation process evaluation and outcome evaluations.
  • Research software tools, survey measures, application solutions and more by performing web and literature searches or identifying and communicating with subject matter experts within or outside CSPV.
  • Program surveys and reports in Qualtrics or other systems.
  • Formulate management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy, and legitimacy of data.
  • Provide technical support for data collection processes.
  • Devise and implement efficient and secure procedures for data management and analysis with attention to all technical aspects.
  • Implement and innovate efficient and secure procedures for data handling, cleaning, standardization, and analysis with attention to all technical aspects.
  • Document internal processes and steps in data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Contribute to technical and non-technical problem-solving discussions.

Analysis & Reporting 
  • Conduct basic (descriptive, bivariate) statistical analyses using SPSS or R.
  • Interpret results of analyses and summarize findings in graphs, tables, charts, and narratives.
  • Assist with research and preparation of reports and presentations to funding agencies and other program partners.
  • Assist with research and preparation of proposals, presentations, manuscripts, and monographs.
  • Collect and assemble data sets as necessary.
  • Develop ad-hoc graphs, tables, charts, narratives, and reports as necessary.

Quality Assurance 
  • Ensure that all processes contributing to research quality are conducted properly.
  • Review data analyses and reports to ensure accurate results are reported.
  • Improve processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Service to the Organization 
  • Contribute to a positive, healthy and safe work environment.
  • Serve on ad hoc actions teams to provide input and guide organizational decision-making, operations, and execution of the CSPV vision, direction, and strategy;
  • Attend staff meetings and activities to enhance organizational collaboration and learning.