Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Webinar: Growing Dollars for Prevention

Growing Dollars for Prevention:
A California Wellness Trust
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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
11 AM to 12 PM Pacific

2 PM to 3 PM Eastern
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The California Alliance for Prevention Funding (CAPF) is a coalition of 20 statewide organizations advocating for creation of a California Wellness Trust to provide sustained funding for public health prevention. The environmental and social determinants of health that are important to your organization are just the kinds of issues that would qualify for funding from the Trust. Yes, it’s ambitious, but three other states have wellness trusts and we can do it in California! You can read our proposal for creating a California Wellness Trust here:https://www.ca-allianceforpreventionfunding.org/california-wellness-trust-proposal.

Please join us to:

  • Learn more about CAPF's draft proposal to create a California Wellness Trust
  • Hear from community organizations about their successes, what will happen when their funding ends, and what they could achieve with sustained funding
  • Know how you can take action to make a California Wellness Trust a reality
Registration is free and closed captioning is available to all attendees. This event is recommended for anyone working in public health, including: local and state health departments, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, business, education, faith-based organizations, hospitals/health systems, philanthropy, and other interested parties.
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Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, FAAP, Co-Chair, California Alliance for Prevention Funding and Senior Advisor, Public Health Institute
Claudia Corchado, Program Manager, Cultiva La Salud-Merced County
Shannon Ladner-Beasley, MPH, Program Manager, CCHS Career Pathways, Contra Costa Health Services


Tracey Rattray, MPH, MSW, Executive Director, California Alliance for Prevention Funding (CAPF), Public Health Institute (PHI)

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