Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Suicide Postvention Resources Now Available

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An important aspect of suicide prevention is recognizing the resilience of survivors of suicidal distress who do not die by suicide. The research is clear that the vast majority of people who experience thoughts of suicide or survive suicide attempts do not go on to die by suicide. On this page you will find resources for supporting yourself, your loved one, or your community after someone has experienced a suicide attempt, behaviors, or thoughts.

A suicide loss is often devastating, confusing, and traumatic for those loved ones and community members. Postvention following a suicide death can include short-term and long term support as well as individual, family, and organization/community support. 

New: On this page you will find resources for loss survivors, for families, for communities, and for organizations. There are also resources to support the media as they report on suicide deaths in our communities.