Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Opportunity: Call for Presentations and Posters 2019

Training Generations.  With decades of growing evidence and enthusiasm, the integrated healthcare family has spread across the United States and is taking root across the globe. Increasingly, the need for a highly trained workforce is the bottleneck that limits the rate of our growth. This conference will meet those needs by preparing early career professionals for team-based care, by assisting mid-career professionals in repurposing their skills for primary care, and by engaging senior leaders in advocacy and mentorship. We will also focus on clinician wellness for all stages of professional development
Multiple Generations.  CFHA was founded on the recognition that health care is inherently multigenerational. At CFHA, family is at the heart of health care, and the conference will equip you with skills for providing integrated behavioral health services that embrace individual patients, their families, and their communities.
Denver!  Our city is the perfect crossroads for this conference at this time. Colorado is finishing a 3 year federally-funded initiative to ensure that 80% of Coloradans have integrated behavioral health services in their primary care office. We boast several universities and training programs at the vanguard of training for integration. Our city is hopping with the energy of youth.

More than 700 attendees are expected to attend the 2019 CFHA Conference in downtown Denver, Colorado.

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