Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Updates from the CO Violent Death Reporting System

The Colorado Violent Death Reporting System has some important updates. The program recently released two new Health Watch reports which analyze data from the CoVDRS. The reports, which are profiled below, were completed by two Master's of Public Health Students from the Colorado School of Public Health. The reports can be accessed on the CoVDRS web page: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/colorado-violent-death-reporting-system
  • Health Watch No.108. The Association between Toxicology and Suicide Notes among Firearm Suicide Decedents, 2004-2015: An Analysis from the Colorado Violent Death Reporting System, looks at the association between the presence of drugs at the time of death and the odds of leaving a suicide note. This project profiles a proportion of suicides that may have been impulsive in nature, and has implications for the treatment of those at risk for suicide as well as those who struggle with substance abuse. This manuscript was lead by Jewell Johnson, MPH, who currently works in the Violence Prevention and Mental Health Promotion branch at CDPHE.
  • Health Watch No.107. Use of Mental Health Treatment among Those Who Had a Criminal Legal Problem Associated with Their Suicide, 2004-2015, An Analysis from the Colorado Violent Death Reporting System, looks at those suicide decedents who had a contributing criminal issue, and their history of mental health treatment. This analysis highlights trends in care for diagnosed mental health issues, and informs how programs like Zero Suicide could prevent some of these deaths. This manuscript was lead by Brett Lipshetz, MPH, who currently works in the Health Survey and Evaluation Branch at CDPHE.
  • In addition to these new reports, the CoVDRS program also recently updated it's Colorado Suicide Data Dashboard. The new version has some exciting updates.
    • Through a partnership with the Office of Health Care Policy and Finance the dashboard now contains information on decedents who were enrolled in Medicaid within two years of death.
    • New mechanisms for sharing feedback and questions 
    • New 2017 rate and count data, as well as new 2016 CoVDRS circumstance data 
The dashboard can be accessed on our CoVDRS web page as well as the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention web page. https://www.colorado.gov/cdphe/categories/services-and-information/health/prevention-and-wellness/suicide-prevention