Friday, October 19, 2018

RFP: Older Adult Fall Prevention Coordinator

Foothills RETAC       
Request for Proposal
For the Position of
Project Coordinator
Older Adult Fall Prevention

The Foothills Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council (Foothills RETAC) desires to contract with an individual to promote older adult fall prevention activities within the five counties of the Foothills RETAC.

Project Goal

Reduce the number of falls in older adults within the Foothills RETAC through resource assessment, evaluation, evidence-based education, and practical applications.

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  Project Goals, Objectives and Activities
  Project Coordinator Role and Responsibilities
  Position Requirements
  Instructions for Applicants
  Method of Selection


1.     Background

The Foothills Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council (Foothills RETAC) is a non-profit organization with constituent counties of Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand, and Jefferson Counties. The RETAC Board of Directors are county-commissioner appointed charged with coordinating and advising on all matters related to Emergency Medical and Trauma Services within our five-county region.

An important component in the RETAC mission is Injury Prevention. The Foothills RETAC has been awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to address Injury prevention activities specific to Older Adult Falls.

The RETAC is pursuing an RFP process to fulfill all requirements for “Project Coordinator” for this one-year project.

The RETAC Injury Prevention (IP) Committee is a strong committee within the RETAC structure with a commitment to preventing injury in our region. The committee is made up of stakeholders throughout the region representing hospitals, clinics, EMS, Public Health, and other IP partners. This committee “oversees” the RETAC management of this grant and program.

2.     Project Goal, Objectives, and Activities

Project Goal:

Reduce the number of falls in older adults within the Foothills RETAC through assessment, evaluation, evidence-based education, and practical applications.

Project Objectives and Activities:

Ø  Gather specific injury code data pertaining to the older adult population from our 10 facilities.

Ø  Contract with an IP "Specialist" to coordinate and promote the project with oversight from the RETAC IP Committee and the RETAC Executive Director

Ø  Perform Basic IP Fall Prevention Resource Assessment

Ø  Identify "gaps" in resources

Ø  Perform education, coordinate “Train the Trainer” classes where needed with at least one class each in of our rural counties and 3 each in our 2 urban/suburban counties. Collaborate with EMS, FD, PH, and other stakeholders in providing home safety assessments

Ø  Provide night lights and rug skids as needed for safety

Ø  Provide written instructions for home safety

Ø  Reassess older adult fall injury data at the end of one year

3.     Project Coordinator Role and Responsibilities

All Activities listed above in the Project Goals and Objectives are included in the duties for this position
Project Coordinator: Coordinate the plan, assessments, and activities of the Foothills RETAC Older Adult Fall Prevention Project. To accomplish this mission, the Project Coordinator will be expected to:
·         Work with the RETAC Executive Director on all aspects of this contract
·         Work with the RETAC Injury Prevention (IP) Committee to accomplish the identified goal, objectives, and activities of the project
·         Meet with the IP Committee at their monthly meetings to coordinate and direct activities within the grant
·         Plan and execute all of the administrative functions associated with the goals and objectives
o   Complete a Fall Resource/activity database for the region
o   Meet with current and potential project partners and stakeholders in the region
o   Develop a comprehensive plan for each county’s activities in Fall Prevention
o   Complete and maintain timely invoicing and reimbursements related to this grant
o   Clear all expenditures with the RETAC Executive Director BEFORE funds are expended.
o   The RETAC will maintain a comprehensive financial log and Profit &Loss report for income and expenses related to this grant. The Project Coordinator will work closely with the RETAC Executive Director to accomplish this
o   Report all expenditures related to this grant
o   Project Coordinator MUST be intimately knowledgeable about the grant itself, the grant process, and the requirements for the grant.
o   Project Coordinator requires a strong skill-set of documentation and Coordination and is self-directed
o   Perform some of the project activities with IP Committee members listed in the objectives and possible tasks above
o   Travel to areas within the RETAC to perform activities
o   Maintain an inventory of all grant related materials
o   Maintain a database of participants at events and meetings
o   Encourage partnerships with IP stakeholders
o   Act as a champion in all Older Adult Fall Prevention matters
o   Write monthly reports detailing the activities, meetings, plans, and outcomes for activities relating to the goals and objectives of this grant.

4.     Position Requirements

·         Degree/Certification preferred in Health-related Field IE: Emergency Medical Technician, Project Management, Quality Improvement, Nursing, or other degree that is commiserate with roles and responsibilities. Experience and project coordination in prevention activities will be weighed more heavily than education for this project.
·         Must have Injury Prevention experience
·         Must have knowledge of Injury Prevention programs in general. Fall Prevention experience preferred
·         Computer skills with Microsoft Office or other comparable software required
·         Demonstrate excellent organizational skills
·         Project Management experience suggested
·         Knowledge of prehospital and hospital care systems within the region is suggested
Inter-Personal Requirements
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Ability to be self-motivated in an autonomous position
·         Ability to work with many groups from diverse medical and IP fields
Other Requirements
·         Must provide own workplace
·         Flexible work schedule to accommodate IP activities, RETAC meetings, and IP partner meetings
·         Must use their own transportation, have a Colorado Driver’s license, maintain auto insurance, and any other necessary insurance
·         Provide general liability insurance

5.     Funding

Project Funding
·         Funding for this position and the entire project is obtained through a grant from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) for 90% of the project. The RETAC and our IP partners will fund the other 10% of this project. All expenses for this project will run through the RETAC with appropriate and thorough documentation for all expenditures.
Project Coordinator (Contractor) Funding and Payment for Services
·         Contract Amount:  The contract amount for this position is $33,280 for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2019. The amount is divided evenly into monthly payments. It is a Contract for Services ONLY and is for completion of the “deliverables” (Services) completed.
·         The Project Coordinator will invoice the RETAC after the month is completed.
·         Invoice must be received in the RETAC office by the 2nd day of each month
·         The RETAC acts as the “funnel” for the fiscal portion of the grant and does not benefit financially.
·         Contract Length:  From approximately November 2018 (Or when the contract is signed) through June 30, 2019.
·         The monthly contract amount will be paid by the 15th of the following month when the services were provided.
·         An activity log must be kept by the Project Coordinator and turned into the RETAC office with the invoice each month
·         Other Payments:  All educational materials and materials for home assessment purchases MUST go through the RETAC office.
·         Position:  The Project Coordinator is a contracted position for services only. No employee benefits or packages are provided
·         Hours:  It is estimated that it will take approximately 80 hrs. /month to accomplish the goals, objectives, and tasks as stated in this RFP. The contract is for services only and does not hold the Contractor to an hourly rate or amount of hours needed to meet the deliverables of the contract. The Contractor agrees to perform the duties/services as laid out in the project. Hours should be documented on the monthly activity form for tracking purposes only.
·         No Travel expenses are included. The Contractor agrees that travel is included in the monthly contract amount. Auto maintenance, auto insurance, motel stays, fuel, and other travel expenses are not paid separately, but are included in this contract for services.
Other Funding
·         Office Equipment and Supplies
o   The Project Coordinator (Contractor provides all needed office equipment).

6.     Timeline

The timeline is dependent upon several factors such as number of applicants for contract, qualifications of applicants for position, and project member’s availability. The following timeline is therefore tentative and does not include entire workload of project.
September 2018:             Draft RFP
October 2018:                    Distribute approved RFP throughout the region through various methods
                                                Distribute RFP as widely as possible
                                                Encourage known IP partners to apply
October 26, 2018:             RFP Applications and resumes due to RETAC office
Oct-Nov. 2018:                  Interview prospective Contractors. Approve final candidate
November 2018:              New Contractor (Project Coordinator) begins contract

7.     Instructions for Applicants

Applicants interested in the contract position of Project Coordinator shall:
·         Send standard resume or CV electronically to: by October 26, 2018
·         A cover letter should be included with resume or CV
·         No written copies should be sent
·         You may request a confirmation e-mail when you send

8.     Method of Selection

·         A committee of project partners from the FRETAC and the IP Committee will review all applications. A final list of candidates for interview will be selected.
·         All applicants will be notified of either an interview date and time or a letter thanking the applicant for their submission.
·         Interviews will be conducted with IP Chair, interview group, and final list of applicants. A consensus will be reached for the position.
·         All those interviewed will be notified of the committee’s decision

All inquiries or questions regarding this RFP or position can be answered through the RETAC Coordinator at the following:
Linda Underbrink RN
Foothills RETAC Executive Director
Office:  720-485-4380
Cell:  303-594-9740