Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NICHQ: New Early Childhood Metrics Case Studies

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New Case Studies
Early Childhood Data in Action: Stories from the Field
Presented in partnership with the Center for the Study of Social Policy
Early childhood data can help states and communities identify needs, track improvements, and spread and scale successes. Too often though, data collection, reporting and evaluation can seem like an endless and overwhelming task. Helping states and communities use data in a meaningful way represents a powerful opportunity for early childhood systems improvement efforts. 
That's why we're excited to share the Early Childhood Data in Action case studies, which show how three communities are leveraging data as catalysts for early childhood improvement. These communities have used data to align stakeholders around a common goal, support quality improvement and make critical decisions on resource allocation. Click in and you'll learn how:
  • Indianola, MS organized their community around a collective goal and increased kindergarten readiness by nearly 25 percent
  • By putting family-needs first, Ventura County, CA used data to improve the quality of the services and supports they offer families
  • Philadelphia, PA's integrated data system helped them identify children in high-risk neighborhoods most in need of pre-kindergarten support 
Read their stories and discover what works so you can bring those same strategies to your state or community. 
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