Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CPR: In Parkland’s Wake, Colorado Safe2Tell Could Be A Model To Break The ‘Code Of Silence’

Check out this piece from CPR News about Colorado's Safe2Tell Program success helping students have a voice in preventing violence in their schools!

Read the whole article here on CPR News By Michael Sakas

"The Columbine shooting also prompted researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder to create a center for the study of violence prevention. They work with schools to teach prevention and intervention tactics. Bill Woodward, the center’s training programs director, says Safe2Tell is like an emergency exit.

“You want to get upstream and see what else is happening, what else is going on in the school that we can get ahead of now so the kids don’t have to use the emergency exits,” he says.
And like emergency exits, Woodward believes Safe2Tell should be required in every Colorado school. It is, however, up to individual districts to promote the program.
“Ninety-five percent of violence does start in this age group going to school,” Woodward says. “If it doesn’t start then, people don’t suddenly start being violent at 25 or 30. It’s happened before. So we’ve got to get to them now.”"