Friday, February 5, 2016

Fall prevention programs recognized as Violence and Injury Prevention Programs of Excellence

The Violence and Injury Prevention (VIP) Programs of Excellence highlights sustainable and evidence-based programs that are being implemented around the state. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is recognizing the following agencies as VIP Programs of Excellence for their outstanding work implementing the evidence-based exercise and education classes and programs, addressing older adult fall prevention:
  • Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center - Since 2015, HRRMC offers Tai Chi: Moving For Better Balance to the public in partnership with Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging.Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance (TCMBB) is an evidence-based falls prevention program for community-dwelling adults aged 60 and older. The program uses eight forms derived from the traditional 24-form Yang style of Tai Chi. All forms are arranged in a sequence from easy to more difficult, adapted to the needs of older adults. The low-impact movements emphasize weight shifting, postural alignment, and coordinated movements.
  • Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment - FCDPHE offers Stepping On, a fall prevention program to older adults in Fremont County. Stepping On addresses multiple fall risk factors: improving lower limb balance and strength, improving environmental and behavioral safety in both the home and community, and encouraging visual and medical screenings to check for low vision and possible medication problems. This class consists of seven weekly 2-hour program sessions.
  • Clear Creek County Public and Environmental Health - CCCPEH offers Stepping On to older adults in Clear Creek County. 
For more information on the Violence and Injury Prevention Program of Excellence or to nominate a person or agency doing evidenced-based work in this field go to the Violence and Injury Prevention Recognition page.

For more information on Older Adult Falls Prevention go to the Older Adult Falls Coalition website or the Colorado Falls Prevention webpage.