Friday, January 29, 2016

Call for Volunteer Victim Advocate

PURPOSE OF JOB: Life is forever changed after an impaired driving crash. Victims/survivors are often left bereaved, injured and financially devastated. With the emotional, financial and legal issues they face on a daily basis, victims/survivors need support to confront the challenges that lie ahead. Volunteer victim advocates are responsible for providing victim services to victims/survivors of impaired driving who may be in need of crisis intervention, emotional support, practical guidance, community referrals and support groups. Services are delivered in-person, by telephone and in writing.

  • Work closely with volunteer coordinator and MADD Colorado to receive cases, support and training
  • Provide effective and timely assistance to victims/survivors of impaired driving who contact MADD for services 
  • Identify victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes by way of newspaper articles, police reports or other means. Send a MADD We Care Card to these victims/survivors as a primary means of contact
  • Assess victims/survivors’ needs for emotional support, information and referrals, implementing beneficial interventions based upon the assessment of needs
  • Provide both on-going risk management and emotional support to maintain a current assessment of victims/survivors’ coping and need for further referrals
  • Establish and utilize a network of community partners in the criminal justice, legal, medical and social service systems to facilitate assistance for victims/survivors
  • Collect and maintain community resource information, sharing this information with victims/survivors and other victim advocates
  • Accompany victims/survivors to justice proceedings as deemed appropriate (average of once per month)
  • Provide advocacy to victims/survivors by assisting in the protection of victims/survivors’ rights, facilitating in the exercising of rights and providing education about the criminal and civil justice processes
  • Maintain accurate case records, statistical information and grant reports according to MADD and grant guidelines; and turn in case notes to the MADD Colorado Victim Services Department weekly
  • Assist in the development, facilitation and implementation of appropriate victim/survivor programs
  • Sensitivity to the needs of victims/survivors of impaired driving
  • Ethical behavior and respect for confidentiality
  • Ability to communicate effectively, set boundaries and organize reasonable communication and interaction plans with victims/survivors
  • Online Victim Assistance training 
  • Completion of the Beginning Victim Assistance Training Institute (April 29-30, Denver, CO)
  • Ongoing training provided, as necessary
  • Age 18 or older
  • Background check 
  • One-year commitment
  • Monthly check-in with MADD Colorado’s Victim Services Department
  • Reliable transportation
Please submit your application (download here) to Ilana Kurtzig no later than March 15, 2016.

Contact information:

Ilana Kurtzig, Programs Specialist, 303.425.5902 or