Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Be a Hero to Yours

The Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention, in partnership withKognito, brings to families, friends, co-workers and Veterans an interactive video game designed to help build skills supporting Veterans through post-deployment stress. Family of Heroes puts participants in a fun (and free) virtual environment where they can “talk” and respond to common challenges. A virtual coach offers tips along the way.

You can participate in the simulation by following these 7 steps:
  1. Navigate your browser to
  2. Click “Play the Simulation”.
  3. Accept the Terms of Use and complete the short 10 item survey. NOTE: that we do not collect any personally identifiable information and we will not share your responses with others.
  4. Listen to the Virtual Coach introduce the game, discuss expectations about your Veteran’s return, and identify signs of post-deployment stress.
  5. Complete the 3 Conversation Challenges of increasing difficulty, followed by a brief conclusion to summarize the training. Level 1 is “The Argument”, Level 2 is “The Negotiation”, and Level 3 is “The Intervention”. Playing through the full simulation takes approximately 1 hour.
  6. Use the “Find Support” and “Find Helpful Links” buttons in the upper right to connect with online resources and services near you.
  7. When you have completed the training, click “Leave Feedback” in the upper right to share your experience with us.
Please let Veterans and those who care and work with Veterans know about this resource. If you have any questions or would like flyer cards to help promote the program in your area, please

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