Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pitkin and Garfield County Senior Programs are Violence and Injury Prevention Programs of Excellence

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is recognizing Garfield County Senior Programs and Pitkin County Senior Services for preventing injury in Colorado by working to implement effective evidence-based programs for older adult fall prevention through their Well and Wise program.

Through their programs they have been able to train local advocates in the evidence-based classes of Matter of Balance, N’ Balance, Tai Chi for Health, and Healthier Living Colorado. The goal of these programs is to improve health outcomes for seniors in the a county region by improving balance and decreasing fall-related injuries through falls prevention classes and educating them on how best to manage their chronic conditions, which leads to the ultimate goal of helping our older adults independently age in place for as long as they wish to do so.

For more information on the Violence and Injury Prevention Program of Excellence or to nominate a person or agency doing evidenced-based work in this field go to

For more information on Older Adult Falls Prevention go to the Older Adult Falls Coalition website or the Colorado Falls Prevention webpage.

Thank you and congratulations to Pitkin County Senior Services and Garfield County Senior Programs!