Monday, January 26, 2015

Elevate the Conversation Skills Training

Early bird registration ends January 31st.

8:00am - 5:00pm

"Learning through Lived Experience"

This is the 2nd annual Elevating the Conversation event featuring the most recent research, thought provoking perspectives, and skills-based training on suicide risk assessment, management, and grief support for:
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Behavioral health & mental health providers
  • Peer supporters
  • Bereavement support providers
  • All those interested in learning more!
About this year's theme "Learning through Lived Experience:"

For far too many years suicide prevention has not engaged the perspectives of those who have lived through suicidal experiences. Because of social stigma and fear, as well as personal shame, a culture of silence prevailed. This year's event is an opportunity to benefit from the lived experience of suicide attempt survivors. Elevate the Conversation training will also help serve as a bridge to developing a conversation about suicide prevention between mental health policy makers and consumer advocates.

The workshop is collaboratively supported by the Carson J Spencer Foundation, Colorado Psychological Association, Judi’s House, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado, and University of Denver’s School of Social Work and Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

For more information contact Sally Spencer-Thomas at