Monday, May 26, 2014

Gov. signs bills to keep kids out of hospitals

From:  9 News

Six bills designed to regulate marijuana, to protect children from prescription drugs and vaccine-preventable diseases were signed into law by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper last Wednesday at Children's Hospital Colorado.

In a press release issued by Children's Hospital the bill summarized by the following:

• Prescription (Rx) Take-back Program (HB-1207): Limits liability and lowers costs for responsible retailers to participate as drop-off locations for the Rx Take-back Program, with the aim of increasing retailer participation and reducing the potential for drug abuse, suicide, and accidental ingestion risks. Colorado is second in the nation in cases of prescription drug overdoses and abuse.

• Rx Monitoring (HB-1283): Improves the electronic prescription drug monitoring program to reduce prescription abuse and the potential for overdoses.

• Immunization Requirements (HB-1288): Requires schools and child care centers to disclose their immunization and exemption rates, and also directs the Public Health Department to create an online, evidence-based education module about the benefits and risks of vaccines.

• Marijuana Concentrate Equivalencies (HB-1361): Limits purchasers of retail marijuana to the equivalent of up to 1-oz dry, loose-leaf marijuana per transaction.

• Marijuana Edibles (HB-1366): Requires the Department of Revenue to ensure that marijuana-infused edible products themselves (not just their packages) are "clearly identifiable" as marijuana products, in contrast to non-infused candies, baked goods, or other products; in many cases, these items now look exactly alike.

• Medical Marijuana Research Grants (SB-155): Allows $10 million of medical marijuana registry monies to go toward objective scientific research regarding the efficacy of marijuana as part of medical treatment.