Monday, April 14, 2014

See how these men repond when a woman makes sexist remarks

From: The Guardian

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and many efforts across the state are focusing on bringing awareness to the realities of sexual violence. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Program, applauds these good efforts. The SVP Program recognizes that our focus on the prevention of sexual violence is different from raising awareness of the issue of sexual violence. This distinction can be difficult to understand. One easy way to think about the role of the SVP Program is that we are working on preventing a sexual violence incident from even occurring and therefore we are interested in changing the norms, culture and context that supports violence.

A good example of how ingrained norms are in our society is represented in the following clip:

You will see that a female becomes the harasser of males and in an ironic twist is using actual remarks that women hear from men. Why does it seem strange when these remarks are directed at men and not when they are directed at women? These and other tough questions are conversations that SVP Program funded agencies across the state are engaging in and turning gender norms on their head.