Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Colorado Budget Invests in Girls and Women to Reach Their Full Potential

From:  The Huffington Post

Representative Crisanta Duran, who understands the barriers that woman face,  feels the Colorado State budget is a clear victory for Colorado girls and women.

Her response to how the budget keeps women safe, and healthy:

When it comes to health we made investments in a plan to reduce child abuse; more access to family planning and prenatal services.

I take personal safety very seriously, that's why I think it is essential to provide services for women to be safe. The budget provides for pro-bono legal services for victims of domestic violence. This investment is important because domestic violence continues to undermine the economic security and safety of many women in girls in Colorado. In 2011, Colorado's 46 domestic violence crisis centers served 34,685 clients, which represent an increase from 2010, when 28,132 clients were served.

Last but not least, we made significant investments to continue and develop statewide mental health services for those in need. More than one in six girls have seriously considered committing suicide. Latina middle and high school students are substantially more likely than non-Latinas to report having a plan to commit suicide, attempted suicide or sustained an injury due to a suicide attempt.

Read the article Colorado Budget Invests in Girls and Women to Reach Their Full Potential to see how she responds to other questions about the new budget.