Monday, February 3, 2014

Peaks to Plains and Bodies to Brains: Making Colorado a place where children thrive - Kickoff Event

Instead of asking, "why?" do you tend to ask "why not?!" The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is looking for solution-focused people who innovate, influence, and break down silos across sectors, including health, business, education, and policy professionals. CDPHE is building a diverse collective impact team that crosses disciplines, communities and cultures to work toward a common goal and drive change. We'll use a structured process - a collective impact framework – to develop and implement strategies to promote healthy families and relationships. This is part of a project called Essentials for Childhood: Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships and Environments for Children.

Essentials for Childhood promotes the types of relationships and environments that help children grow up to be healthy and productive citizens who can then build stronger and safer communities for the next generation. This initiative is groundbreaking because it uses a structured process for non-traditional partners to align efforts, and identifies strategies targeting large-scale social change.

You or someone you know could be part of this Colorado team to inform national practice! Join us for a kickoff event “Peaks to Plains and Bodies to Brains: Making Colorado a place where children thrive” on February 28 to learn more about this exciting work.

For questions, contact Sarah Hernandez, Project Coordinator at 303‐692‐2369 or For more info on Essentials for Childhood, visit

This event is free to attend, but registration is required. Participation via web will be available. Click here to register.