Monday, February 24, 2014

Biden: 'Change the Culture' That Tolerates Sexual Assault

From: NBC News

Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Americans have started to “change the culture” of sexual assault but that “everyone has a responsibility” to help stem violence against women.

“We have a long history in our culture of basically, in many cases, equating women with being chattel. That they’re somehow owned,” Biden said before a listening session with student groups as part of a new White House Campus Sexual Assault Task Force.

Biden, who authored the Violence Against Women Act as a senator, said the country has “come a long way” but that violence against women must be aggressively addressed, particularly on college campuses.

“I would argue that the real measure of a man’s manhood is whether or not they are willing to intervene, whether or not they are determined to be a part of the solution,” he said. “Looking the other way is wrong. Simply wrong.”

"No means no, means no, whenever it is uttered," he said.

Watch the video of Joe Biden: 'No Means No, Means No, Whenever It Is Uttered'