Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Coloradoan: Youth Suicide in Northern Colorado

Larimer County's The Coloradoan completed an 11-part story on youth suicide this past weekend. You can click to each of the articles below. A special thanks to the CDPHE Office of Suicide Prevention and Health Statistics sections for helping with the information included here.

Novey: It's time we talked about suicide: The reporter shares her interest and impetus to begin this project.

Suicide: Myths vs. Facts

Data: Suicide statistics for age 18 and younger in Larimer County, Colorado, and the Nation.

A wound that never heals: Grief is long-lasting for those dealing with youth suicide: Communities can be rocked by the suicide of a person of any age. But the effects seem multiplied when the deceased played on the high school soccer team or died before getting a driver's license.

Life-changing texts, empty desks: Suicide's touch infiltrates school walls: When a student dies in Poudre School District, rumor and reflection set in with the sorrow. But there's a team of people waiting to help - for as long as help is needed.

Video: Talking suicide with a PSD mental health expert: Poudre School District experts share their perspective and knowledge of the issue.

How other school districts address suicide

More groups put focus on stopping suicide

The puzzle: Those fighting suicide encouraged by shifting public perception: While experts say the road to a world without suicide is long and winding, and mental health funding is lacking, there is hope.

How to identify, help people in crisis: Know what to look for in your loved ones.

Suicide prevention resources in Northern Colorado