Friday, June 28, 2013

Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program Headed to Human Services

Yesterday we posted about the changes to the child maltreatment programs at CDPHE. In addition to moving the Colorado Children's Trust Fund and the Family Resource Center Program to the Office of Early Childhood at the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), this spring's legislation HB13-1117 will also transition the Tony Grampsas Youth Services (TGYS) violence prevention program to CDHS.

Rose Barcklow and Kavitha Kailasam will be moving with the TGYS program to CDHS' Office of Children, Youth and Families. This office includes Child Welfare, Child Maltreatment Fatality Review, the Division of Youth Corrections and the Domestic Violence Program. TGYS's Positive Youth Development approach will be a fit with this office's belief in building strong partnerships with families, youth, providers and local communities to ensure that children and youth have safe, healthy and stable environments.

Shannon Breitzman, CDPHE's Injury, Suicide and Violence Prevention Branch Manager stated this week, "The Office of Children, Youth and Families at CDHS is extremely fortunate to be gaining employees of Rose Barcklow and Kavitha Kailasam's caliber. Rose and Kavi bring great enthusiasm and dedication to the prevention of youth crime and violence utilizing a positive youth development approach." As Karen Trierwiler, CDPHE's Prevention Services Division Interim Director wrote in a post two weeks ago, though it is bittersweet to see these colleagues go, we are "heartened by the fact that we will have an even larger cadre of partners at CDHS, continuing to work closely toward mutual goals."

The move is effective July 1. The VIP Network will continue to be a joint resources across our programs. You can read more about the work of TGYS on the CDPHE website by following the link. In the future, this same link will take you to the CDHS website once it is up and running.

Please join us in celebrating the innovative work of Rose and Kavitha and supporting them in their transition to CDHS.