Thursday, June 27, 2013

Child Maltreatment Prevention Changes at CDPHE

The child maltreatment programs currently located wihtin CDPHE's Injury, Suicide, and Violence Prevention Branch are moving to the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). While we are excited for the new partnerships and collaborations as we continue our focus on child maltreatment and youth violence prevention, we will be sad to see fewer smiling faces in the halls of our branch.

House Bill 13-1117 passed this spring, establishing an Office of Early Childhood (OEC) at CDHS, the new home of the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund and the Family Resource Center (CCTF/FRC) programs. Scott Bates and Teri Haymond will transfer from CDPHE to this new office, continuing their dedication to strengthening families and educating the public on protective factors that reduce maltreatment in young children through funding to local programs, training, and assistance to strengths-based family programs.

"I have been impressed by the staff’s singular commitment to the programs and populations they serve, with a focus on assuring the continuation of high quality services for children, youth and families across the state. I am heartened by the fact that we will have an even larger cadre of partners at CDHS, continuing to work closely toward mutual goals," says Interim Prevention Services Division Director, Karen Trierweiler.

The goal of the OEC at CDHS is to optimize coordination of all early childhood (0 - 8 years) programming across the state, facilitating better access to programs that help children and families thrive. The OEC will continue the work established in Colorado’s early childhood framework, striving to achieve positive outcomes in early learning, family support, parental education, and physical, mental and social health. CDPHE will continue to work collaboratively with OEC to align early childhood systems building and population-based efforts to improve the health and well-being of children and families.

Shannon Breitzman, ISVP Branch Manager, shared "CDHS is extremely fortunate to be gaining employees of Scott Bates and Teri Haymond's caliber. Scott and Teri come to the Office of Early Childhood with a wealth of experience, expertise and passion for the prevention of child maltreatment through the building of stronger families and healthier communities."

The move is effective July 1. This website will continue to be a joint resources across our programs. You can read more about the work of both programs in our Child Maltreatment Injury Topic page. Please join us in celebrating the great work of Scott and Teri and supporting them in their transition to CDHS.